Super excited – nominated best lead actor!

Super exciting to be nominated as Best Lead Actor in a short film in the 2017 Southampton Film Festival for Down and Out which is also nominated as Best Short Film. This is all thanks to Director Natalie Kennedy who is nominated as Best Director.


You can see the trailer here;

Congratulations to all the cast and crew and to our DOP – you should have been nominated too!


The London rush hour

I seem to be a regular in the London rush hour at the moment – auditions and performances have been calling. Squashed like a sausage into a tube train.

Yesterday, after an audition, we popped into the Tate Modern and saw a few paintings, then had a picnic looking at St Paul’s cathedral and watching a magician.

That’s a good place to relax and have fun


All set for screening of ‘Down and Out’ @HOME_mcr – can’t wait

Can’t wait to catchup with the incredible cast and crew of Down and Out at the launch on Saturday –

Red carpet screening at Home in Manchester, then we party!

You’ll never guess what my character gets up to!

Christopher Faith    is  the writer and he plays my film big bro. Natalie Kennedy is our wicked Director

Thank you Rainmaker Pictures  Chalkboard Pictures