‘Fighter’ film gets a great review – ‘Lifeblood of the film’ thanks ‘Comicfade’

‘The film is a visceral and intense watch, the slow build of tension being perfectly complimented by the award-winning cinematography of the short. The visuals are utterly stunning and immersive that you become incredibly invested despite the short being just 7 minutes long.

…. yet another fantastic performance by Tommy Jessop. Anyone who follows this man’s career knows that even before this brilliant short film, this man was an inspiration to people facing any and all types of adversity, especially to the down syndrome community. He was the first actor with Down syndrome to star in a prime-time BBC drama, the first to ever portray Hamlet in any form of media, and in ‘Fighter’ he is the is the lifeblood of the film as the titular ‘Fighter’. His performance is considered layered, and regardless of disability puts on a phenemonenal character. ‘



Congrats Bugsy, Guy, Simon, Delroy, Robbie, and all